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Cambridge Security Services Tel: 01223 312123
Cambridge Security Services Tel: 01223-312123
Local suppliers of Security Services to Cambridge and the surrounding area.
Cambridge Security Services
Mobile Patrol Service The   University   City   of   Cambridge   has   a   wide   diversity   of   companies   requiring   various   levels   and   types   of   security.      Cambridge Security   offer   a   wide   spectrum   of   Mobile   Patrol   Services   which   can   be   tailored   to   our   customers   individual   requirements.     These include: - Evening Lock Up - Internal and External Patrols - Morning Unlock - Weekend Unlock for Contractor Access - Ad-hoc Lock Up/Unlock as when required Many   of   our   customers   benefit   from   our   fully   comprehensive   service,   which   includes   the   evening   lock   up,   internal/external patrols   and   morning   unlock.      This   takes   the   responsibility   and   burden   of   checking   and   securing   the   building   away   from members   of   staff.      It   also   allows   them   to   come   in   at   the   start   of   their   day,   without   the   worry   of   un-setting   the   intruder   alarm and perhaps doing it incorrectly, thus creating an avoidable false callout. One   of   the   main   advantages   of   Cambridge   Security   providing   a   Lock   Up   and   Unlock   Service,   is   that   it   takes   away   the requirement   for   customers   to   have   multiple   sets   of   keys/alarm   fobs   and   alarm/access   codes.      In   today‚Äôs   climate,   this   gives the customer greater control of the security of the premises. Many   smaller   businesses,   who   have   fewer   staff   members   often   choose   our   Internal   and   External   Patrol   Service.      This   gives the   customer   confidence   that   Cambridge   Security   carries   out   a   nightly   patrol   to   ensure   that   the   building   has   been   locked   and alarmed correctly and remains secure during the course of the night. Our   Ad-hoc   Lock   Up/Unlock   Service   is   particularly   useful   for   customers   who   do   not   wish   to   come   in   at   weekends   and   out   of office   hours,   to   let   contractors   in   to   carry   out   essential   maintenance.      Cambridge   Security   can   carry   out   this   service   as   and when requested.  Mobile   patrol   visits   are   carried   out   by   fully   trained   and   uniformed   Mobile   Patrol   Officers,   who   have   many   years   of   experience working in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.  All our Patrol Services include the provision of our Keyholding and Alarm Response Service.